Getting and staying sober is arguably the most challenging life experience an addict can go through; addicts to include any form of substance abuser, including alcoholics.  What most don't realize is that that eliminating the drug of choice is merely a task, not the recovery.  The real relief and sustained recovery from substance abuse comes with healing your deepest wounds, looking within to improve yourself, and taking account for the damage that has been done.  This requires an extreme amount humility and applying the deepest level of bravery.

What isn't talked about enough when it comes to addictions and mental health is that today's society views addictions with shame and blame. This conceptualization is dangerously shortsighted, and does not account for what contributed to the formation of the addiction, what it is like actually living in the addiction, and the seemingly impossible feat that it will take to overcome it.  What most don't understand is that living in the addiction is not pleasant, and perpetually using drugs or alcohol is no longer a choice.  You are out of control and have no idea how to stop.  You are living in a state of terror at your inability to moderate or control yourself, and things around you are starting to fall apart, if they haven't already.   

The basis of our journey rests in the fact that I see you as a wounded, vulnerable person in need of some relief from this world.  We will spend time developing trust in the professional relationship so that you can feel open and willing to receive the challenges that I will offer you in facing your demons, owning your mistakes, and making changes in your life to support change.  Healing your wounds and resolving pain goes hand-in-hand with taking responsibility for your life and what has become of it.  This is hard work, but it is possible.  As the change occurs, you will start to feel free, gain back dignity and integrity that was lost along the way, and your relationships will feel safe and secure again.

Working with Families

There are many parallels to working with families of people in recovery as there are to working with the one fighting for recovery themselves.  This includes understanding and accepting that the drug of choice is bigger than anyone or anything.  Also, that healing comes from an individual's own focus and attention to bettering themselves, and making positive life changes that support a sustained recovery from the havoc of the addiction.  

Oftentimes family members struggle with the concept of enablement, with finding the balance between supporting someone they love who is an addict, and enforcing boundaries.  The reality is that anyone who loves and wants to support an addict has no "good" choice to make.  

Your healing comes with relieving yourself of the pressures to "fix" someone else's addiction, and turning within to address what you need to help heal your wounds and triggers. 

*Disclaimer: Coaching and counseling for addictions recovery, as provided at The Colorado Springs Counselor, PLLC, requires a sustained period of abstinence from substance and does not include help with getting sober, to include help with detox and/or withdrawal symptoms; the professional relationship dives deeper into the initial wounds and circumstances that led to the addiction once a client has stabilized their physical dependency.  Please call SAMHSA at 1-800-662-4357 or click here, or seek medical attention from a licensed medical provider or licensed facility if in need of detox from substance.


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