Interpersonal Trauma & Attachment

Much like single event traumatic experiences (big "T" traumas), prolonged exposure to negative, frightening, and unhealthy relationships (little "t" traumas) can have the same effect on our ability to be okay with ourselves and others. Whether we are directly conscious of it or not, interpersonal trauma and attachment injuries can create a sense of distrust in ourselves, and make creating genuine and authentic relationships with others difficult. 

This can make us engage in unhealthy relationships, diminish emotional boundaries, or avoid completely any close connection with others.  This type of trauma looks like repeatedly making the same mistakes with the same types of people, chronically having trouble advocating for our own needs, people pleasing, and experiencing vague hopelessness that we will ever be able to achieve a sense of secure belonging with others. 

Counseling and Coaching for interpersonal trauma and attachment injuries will help you discover what part of your past and previous relationships have primed you for how you are now, and how to apply insight, courage, and growth moving forward to develop and maintain more secure, healthy relationships.


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