Anxiety and depression are two of the most common, and oftentimes most exhausting, mental health conditions that many people suffer from.  With anxiety, it is important to take a closer look at why you might be struggling with it to begin with.  Was there a major life event that triggered it?  Is there a family history of anxiety?  What parts of your lifestyle and relationships are contributing to it?  Are you reacting to circumstances or pressures that exist to succeed in a time of confusion and discord?  

While it seems counter-intuitive, oftentimes anxiety is deeply rooted in the negative quality with which we think, feel, and talk about ourselves.  This internal dialogue is subtle and often goes unnoticed, but it shapes how we see things and respond to others.  Challenging negative beliefs and thoughts that you have about yourself, others, and the world can very often free you from the angst, doubt, distrust, and worry you experience every day.

Part of the work can also be taking a hard look at the situations, relationships, and circumstances that you have either chosen for yourself or have been given, and spending the time to change, challenge, and recalibrate them.  

Perspective and perception also play a significant part in experiencing anxiety.  The lens with which you see the world, yourself, and others has a direct impact on how you feel.  The unbiased and objective insight you achieve in therapy can help you experience the world differently.  


Depression can take on a significant and seemingly untouchable part of our lives.  Suffering from depression can make everything about life seem more difficult, and so big.  There are important aspects of depression to keep in mind as we begin your journey to healing.  Is this a purely psychological phenomenon that is deeply rooted in your thoughts, feelings, and emotions?  Or is there some organic and physical component at play as well?  

In many cases, it is helpful to consult with a licensed and experienced Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) or Psychiatrist to either rule or out confirm and treat the chemical side to depression.  

Your healing in therapy comes as we "box out" depression from your life, taking time to process through difficult emotional hang-ups while we make equally significant changes in your lifestyle and how you think about yourself. 


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