The training and supervision that you receive during your post-graduate candidacy is essential in helping create your professional identity, and in better understanding the real applications of the education you received with actual client cases.

Having sought out the best possible post-graduate candidacy supervision myself, I can speak directly to the importance of finding a Supervisor that you connect with, who understands your unique needs and strengths, and who helps provide the opportunities to safely and with best practices hone your skills and increase your confidence in delivering therapeutic services to clients.

I have successfully completed the certification training program offered through the Colorado Counseling Association for LPC Supervision and feel confident in my unique abilities to help guide you through this critical part of your professional development towards official licensure.

My goal is to foster an environment where you are comfortable and feel safe to ask the hard questions about specific cases, provide gentle feedback and guidance for things we identify as areas of growth, to foster an evolving exposure to cases and clients which does not inundate you with cases that feel out of reach, to help you understand yourself and work through how you react to what happens in sessions, and to offer my personal experiences, real life lessons learned, unique perspective of client conceptualization, and ultimately to follow your goals for growth and learning.

Licensed Professional Counseling Candidates (LPCCs) are required to complete at least 2,000 hours of supervised client-focused experience, including 100 hours of supervision over a minimum of 24 months. This requires that I, as your Supervisor, guide you in all cases and oversee your practice competencies to help you achieve the most effective experience so that you add to the pool of talented, equipped, and competent mental health providers in Colorado.

Providing training, guidance, insight, support, and perspective to Counseling Candidates is a passion of mine. The need for mental health care is growing by the day, and I thrive in the role of helping you become one of the best.

By working with me, you will not only receive the insight I've achieved in my post-graduate work with one of the region's leading Neuropsychologist - gaining a stronger understanding of how neuropsychological function can be effectively paired with the social and emotional education you receive as a counselor - but also from my experience working for an outpatient clinic and with launching and running my own private practice during and after candidacy.

Whatever your goals are after post-graduate candidacy, I can help you find your niche, build your professional identity, feel prepared to take on the most acute cases, and build and grow your own practice if you choose to do that for yourself.  


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